Daniels Sharpsmart Reusable Sharps Containers

The Sharpsmart system is the world’s safest and most environmentally responsible sharps management system.

  • Reduces the amount of plastic waste going to landfill by 25%
  • UN Certified
  • A proven safety device

Access Plus Range

Developed for use in secure areas where unrestricted deposit of low to high sharps volume is required. Also facilitates long or bulky sharps.

Standard Range

Developed for low to high volume areas and added safety features make them ideal for use in high traffic areas.


Our Services Include

  • The supply and delivery of disposable and reusable healthcare risk waste (HCRW) containers, bags and boxes
  • The collection of HCRW containers for treatment and disposal
  • Treatment of HCRW using environmentally friendly autoclave treatment technology
  • Training of Healthcare workers by SETA accredited trainers covering topics like the cradle to grave management of HCRW, regulations and legislation governing the HCRW industry, correct waste segregation as well as the nine categories of HCRW and other training modules relating to our industry.

Container Compliance

Our containers have been tested and approved by SABS in accordance with the United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, Chapter 6, the National Road Traffic Act 1996 Regulations 273A and SANS 10229-1:2010. Our containers comply with the recommendations in SANS 10248-1:2008 and our sharps containers comply with SANS 452:2008. Our containers and bags are made from Polyethylene material and do not contain PVC.

Contaminated Waste Bags

Available in a range of sizes, these clinical waste bags from Aero Healthcare are ideal for any medical facility or area that requires clinical waste collection.

Clinical Waste Bags

Sentry Clinical Waste Bags are made from a combination of low linear density polyethylene, high density polyethylene and ethyl-butylene-polyethylene. This combination provides more strength than a bag utilising only one of these polyethylenes of the same thickness. These bags contain organic colouring, and sizes are available to fit small to large bins.

Description Qty Per Unit
Contaminated Waste Bag 565mm x 1000mm 55L 50
Contaminated Waste Bag 510mm x 660mm 27L 200